Friday, June 27, 2008


This is my wonderful Mother. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I have never met anyone who doesn't just fall in love with her instantly. She has a unique way of making everyone feel like they are a part of the family. Even if she has just met you. She was always the cool Mom growing up. When I would have sleep overs she would be right there with us talking girl talk. She always had and still does have great advice. My Mom is the only one who can outdo me in shopping. We have closed down the mall several times together. I have always appreciated my Mom and all she has done for me but I don't think fully until I became one myself. I definitely have a greater appreciation for all she has done. Especially now. With the illness I am going through she is the one who has spent countless hours researching, finding doctors, taking me to appointments, listening to me, wiping away my tears, and listening to me some more. I don't know where I would be right now if it wasn't for her. She is also a wonderful Grandma to my boys. She has helped so much. More than she will ever know. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being my Mom and for not giving up on me(I know I can be difficult sometimes). I love you so much. I hope you have a great birthday.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I am so excited to see Mama Mia. I have seen it twice when it was here in Salt Lake. It is one of my favorite plays. It is so fun, high energy, get up out of your seat and dance in the isles kind of play. No really it is. As shy and reserved as I am I couldn't stop myself from getting out of seat and dancing at the end. I love how they are taking plays and turning them into movies. It gives people a better opportunity to see them. I will be there opening night July 18th!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Holy Cow!!! My little Ashton always, without fail gets so messy every time we eat. Does anyone else have this problem? Dalton gets just the usual kind of messy, but Ashton WOW, yeah you can see for yourself. When he eats he holds his hand by his mouth as he is chewing so the food gets gooped all over his hand. Then he likes to rub his hand all over his face and hair. This equals a gigantic mess. And everyone knows how much kids just love to get their faces and hands cleaned. Ashton takes forever to clean because he is always so messy and while you are cleaning him, he is screaming, hitting, and throwing himself back. Meal time is so fun at our house. (These pictures don't even show how bad he really was)

Here is our messy little Ashton.

See, Dalton is just normal messy.

But Ashton...

Oh, by the way we got our new couches. Just kidding. Jeremy said to me last week "Don't you think our couches should be getting here pretty soon?" I said "No it's only been a week." Jeremy said "No it's been longer than that." Then I reminded him of the date that we went in to order them and he realized that it only had been a week. We really didn't think it would be so bad just sitting on the floor. But it is. We both looked at each other and said that it was going to be a long six weeks. So my parents are letting us borrow their huge bean bag until our couches get here. It's a lot better than the floor and our boys love it. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to the rescue!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We had a pool day with Jade, Tyra, my sister Jamie, my Mom, and all the kids. We had so much fun. I love days when you just hang out by the pool and eat junk food all day. Thanks everyone for coming over!!! I can't wait until we do it again. Here are some fun pictures from the day.

I wouldn't let my kids get in the pool until people showed up. So we played with the hose until people came. Here is Ashton watering the flowers.

Ashton and Dalton fighting over the hose. When there are things that we don't have two of there is usually a fight over who is going to get it. Ashton usually wins.

Ashton wanting to get in the pool so badly.

Ashton pouting and not looking at Mommy because I wouldn't let him get in just yet.

Here is Tyra with her new hair style. I love it, love it, love it!!! Tyra you are one HOT MOMMA!!!

I also just need to thank my Mom and Dad for the rest of my life because my Mom called me on Monday and said that they got our tickets for Wicked. Wa Hoo!!! It's official I've got a ticket and I am for sure going. April 28th is the day. I can't wait!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It will be so fun. We have a group of fourteen or so going. I am buying dinner that night so don't fight me on it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


This is a long story and most of you probably don't care, but I haven't posted anything in awhile and the day is over and I am still stressed so I need to vent. It all goes back to when we finished our Jer finally got it finished but we didn't have any money to buy new furniture to put down there. So we got two hand me down couches and that's what we have been using ever since. A little history on the couches. They were my grandma's from the eighties, have been handed down a couple of times,they don't match and the dog slept on one of them. Need I say more?!! They were in bad shape. And you know they were bad if Jeremy who is mister practical approached me with the idea of getting a new couch. Yeah it wasn't my idea it was his. He was embarrassed for anyone to come over and have to sit on them. Needless to say I was shocked but then immediately knew what I wanted to go down there. But he did also. He wanted a sectional that he had seen in a newspaper add. OK here comes a fight. I HATE SECTIONALS!!!! This wasn't what I had in mind at all. But then he reminded me of another problem. The way our basement is designed the couches I wanted won't fit down there. In fact it is a problem getting almost any couch down there. I won't go into all the details because that's another long story in it's own. Well I still wanted to try. So we went to a furniture store and talked to a friend to see if there was anyway we could do it. So she called a friend that works for the company that makes the couches to see if there was anyway we could do it. Nope, there was no way. So I agree to go look at the sectional. I looked at it and didn't mind it. We also went and looked other places at other sectionals. This one was the only one I could stand. So I agree to get this sectional. Jeremy thought for sure this was the answer because it came in two pieces. So it had to fit. We ordered it and they told us it would be four weeks. Well we got a call this week and they said the couch was in and it would be delivered Saturday. So last night Jeremy and I took out the old couches and this morning he took them to the dump. Yeah they weren't even DI worthy so they went straight to the dump. We waited around all day. Finally they showed up. I was getting excited to have something new down there. Most of our furniture in our house is hand me down. Well to make this long story shorter. It didn't fit. In fact it was so tight that when they got to the bottom of the stairs they managed to completely tear up our door frame, and they scratched and made gouges in our brand new door and to top it off one of them had mud on their shoes that got all over our carpet. I am not a happy camper at this point. Oh and did I mention that the store doesn't give refunds. In store credit only. We called Jeremy's parents who gratefully took our kids for a few hours so we could go down there and look through catalogs to find something that would fit. It took us forever because this was the only sectional I could stand and all the other couches that I really like will no way no how fit down there. Well we think we found something that we can live with but it ended up costing more money and it will take at least two months to get here if not longer. Remember when I said that Jeremy took our old couches to the dump....oh crap. We don't have anything to sit on down there for two months or longer. But, just when I am thinking that we at least found something that will fit that we can both live with I find something else out. After we picked the boys up from Jeremy's parents we went and got a yogurt with some of our friends and was telling them about our day. The asked where we got the couch from and we told them. And they said they ordered something from the same place and were told that it would take a couple months. Well it has now been three months and they still don't have it and every time they call down there to talk to them they always say the will call the back and they never do. Great!!! This day just gets better and better. Do you think we will ever end up getting a couch? I will keep you posted.

Our empty basement with the hand me down furniture we have left.