Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

This year for Christmas we went to my Aunt Becky and Uncle Steve's house. We had an amazing dinner. There was shrimp cocktail, prime rib, brisket, rolls, salads, potatoes, etc., etc. Everything was so good. My pants fit alot tighter the next day dang it.

This is my Grandma. She broke her hip for the third time a few months back and has been in the nursing home recuperating. She is quite the trooper. We were so glad that she could be there. My Grandma never has been one to miss out on a party.

This is my amazing Grandpa who is so patient, loving, and devoted to my Grandma. He is a wonderful example to me of unconditional love.

Here is my super handsome Dalton in his Christmas outfit (doesn't he look GQ).

Here is my super handsome Ashton. He likes presents just like his Mom.

Jeremy with an arm full.

Dalton being silly.

My sweet little Ashton.

Brotherly love (at least some of the time).

Christmas day we were home all morning and then went to my parents house in the afternoon to exchange gifts and have dinner. We had such a wonderful Christmas. Things were a little crazy this year with little kids that don't really know what is going on and that get tired from the business of the season (they were crying, no screaming in a lot of the pictures). It has been so much fun for me to see the excitement in my children's faces as they are experiencing and seeing things for the first time. They love to look and touch the tree, the don't like to touch the cold snow, they love the Christmas lights, they love to ride in empty boxes, rip up wrapping paper, and eat tape just to name a few. It has brought back the excitement and the magic of the season. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Santa's Reindeer in Corinne?

Saturday we went to Corinne to see Santa's reindeer. It was freezing cold. That's why we all look like Rudolph. My kids were really happy to be there as you can see. It was pretty cool though. It was at someones home. You just walked around their house. They had a lot of different animals and a Christmas village that you could walk around and look at. My kids didn't notice much they just liked stomping around in the snow. It was a fun but cold outing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ah....The joys of motherhood

WARNING...The picture you are about to see is fairly graphic. Look at your own risk!

Today was an eventful day at our house. We had our first poop in the tub (courtesy of Dalton). He started screaming a scream like I had never heard before and I couldn't figure out what was going on. And then I saw it.....the brown floaters(dry heave). Ashton was already out of the tub luckily. So I get Dalton out and he instantly stops screaming. Now that he is away from the brown floaters he is no longer afraid but is curious at the things that he created. He kept looking in the tub at them. And then, oh what joy what fun I get to clean up the poop. Ah good times, good times.

(See even the fish went belly up from this traumatic experience)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Welcome Karson Paul Keller

Here are some pictures of my new nephew Karson. He was born on December 7th. He is so cute and seems to be a very good baby. I'm jealous that he has more hair than my kids. Congratulations Jamie and Rex!!! We love you.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Night In Bethlehem

Tonight was our ward Christmas party. They turned the gym into Bethlehem. We had to bring canned food in exchange for tokens so we could buy our food. We ate on blankets on the floor from tin pie trays. Jeremy was one of the Shepard's in the nativity. Outside they had a manger with real animals. There was a donkey, sheep, goats, and the big hit was the real life camel. It was so cool. Ashton and Dalton loved touching the camel.

Here are our friends the Small family.

Here is Jeremy (the Shepard) trying to get a room at the Inn (The Bethlehem Marriott).

Here is Ben (the Inn Keeper) who wouldn't give us a room.

This is my good friend Jamie Hadfield.

This is another good friend Marcie Mitton who is holding Ashton.

Dalton was a little angel all night can't you tell?

Ashton and Dalton running around.

Kristal, Marcie, Dan, Ben, and Jeremy

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

I was bored tonight so I am just putting up random photos. I like to see what every ones Christmas trees look like. Especially when they are falling over (just kidding Shalyse). So here is a picture of our tree.

Isn't this just the cutest little human candy cane you have ever seen? Ashton loved having the hood over his head. He would go in front of the fireplace, touch the hood on his head and look at his reflection in the fireplace glass. He loves to look at his reflection.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy 31st Birthday Callee

Today is Callee's birthday, She's an awesome wife and mother. I really love her, and admire her for the strength and courage to do things on a daily basis that are a struggle for her. I love you baby, have a great day. And here is a an old picture of Callee being a little goofy. She'll probably kill me for posting this picture

Jeremy, Ashton & Dalton

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving ! ! !

This Thanksgiving was kind of crazy. Last night Jeremy and I had to take Ashton to the Doctor because he had had a high fever most of the day. He has been a little sick for about a week but yesterday he got really bad. Today Dalton is getting sick. Jer and I are sick my Dad has been sick, my sister has two kids that have been sick for about three months, and to top it off she is ready to have a baby any day now and has been having contractions for the last two days and is also very very very sick. We didn't even know if she would be there. My poor uncle Tracy and his friend Bob who came for Thanksgiving had to go buy Airborne in hopes that they wouldn't get sick. So basically everyone was sick. It was still a great day though.

Here is my Uncle Tracy, his friend Bob, and my super cute niece Madison. They are munching on goodies as we are waiting for dinner.

The Turkey. Yum!

The Table. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the occasional birthday are the only days this room is used along with China.

Here my Uncle is ready to fight all those dirty dishes with his super awesome rubber gloves.

After dinner we all go down to the basement to burn off those extra calories (or at least that's what we like to think). We play Dance Revolution on Xbox. We are a very competitive family so some times this game can get a little out of control. But since my sister is pregnant we didn't let it get out of hand today.

Me and my super cute sister competing. Check out her concentration face. We probably get into this game more than we should.

My Dad's Dance Revolution concentration face.

Here is Ashton enjoying a little game of air hockey.

Grandma and Dalton.

Grandpa and Ashton.

Dalton got a cut on the bottom of his toe and we don't know how he got it. It was a pretty good cut and was bleeding quite a bit so today he got to have his first band aid (I am sure it it just the first of many).

Sometimes in the busy scheme of life I don't think I take time out often enough to really really think of the things that I am truly thankful for. And I think at certain times in our life we are more thankful for things depending on our circumstances at that time. So as I have reflected on this past year the thing that I am truly thankful for is my wonderful family. My Husband who has done nothing but stand by my side through everything and has not given up on me. I am Thankful for his patience. My parents who also have stood by me and have done everything in their power to see that I get well. I am thankful for their love and support. My Uncle Tracy who has spent countless hours talking to doctors, arranging appointments, taking time off work, giving us a place to stay, and so much more. I am just so thankful for his example of unconditional love and service. I am so thankful that he is a part of my life. I love all of you more than words can say.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Thansgiving Day Graphics