Sunday, September 28, 2008


Saturday we went to one of my favorite places on earth. We went to Porcupine Reservoir. It is so pretty especially right now with the leaves changing. Our goal was to go to Rosy's Mine. But with two, two year olds we didn't quite make it. We mountain biked half of the way and then planned to hike the rest. If you have never been to the mine before you should definitely try to go. It's really cool. There is an old cabin that looks like it is going to cave in at any time. You can carve your name in the wood. And then up from that is this old mine. My Dad and I have been all the way to the end of it before. It's really fun!!! A little cold, wet, and dark. But, fun. Also, in the fall the Kokanee Salmon are spawning and it so cool to see all of them. The Kokanee only have a three to four year life span. They have silvery blue scales but in the fall of their final year they turn bright red. They swim up stream and return to where they were born and then they spawn. A few days later they slowly start to die. It was amazing to see some of the places that they had to get through to get back to where they were born. It's amazing they make it. We had a great day and the weather was perfect. We got to eat at Fredricos Pizza afterward. They have the best pizza. But that's just a given because of the flour the use.

This is Porcupine Resevoir...

Here is Jer taking a rest. He started feeling sick.

Here are some of the Kokanee...

Oh how I love the Fall!!!!